The runes

The power of runes

The runes designate the characters of the oldest Germanic alphabets called Futhark which were used by Scandinavians, Celts and of course, Germans. For centuries, many people have kept their knowledge about these characters that could help so many people. Indeed, having a divinatory and spiritual connection with the tarology, this method is one of the most practical that can exist today. Moreover, it is the one that is the most worn view its traditional aspect and modern at the same time.

The tarology through the runes

Tarot is the art that experts in the field of clairvoyance use to predict the future down to the smallest detail. Using divinatory tarot, they use his gift to help any person find the happiness or success that she has always wanted to have. Having a direct link with the circulation of the runes, this practice is one of those who are the most complex to master and to know the mysteries. This is one of the reasons why only a few people who are able to understand and manipulate it can really help their neighbors.

Runes and prediction

Runes are tools used in ancient times to help people know their future and anticipate various obstacles. They are linked to ancestral and traditional traditions and are also related to nature and the Nordic Gods. Thus runes and tarology have a multitude of things in common, such as the fact that they are exercised only in the domain of clairvoyance and divinatory acts. The Futhark is composed of 24 runes, each of which has a unique meaning that only the elect can actually decrypt and decode. In ancient times, only a few ethnic groups perfectly master this divine language in the form of whispering, murmuring. A kind of practice that leaves no clue to mere people but that, on the other hand, will favor all its future, all its next day.

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