The runes

The art of cartomancy

Cartomancy helps people overcome their problem and predict their future through card reading, whether it's a classic card game or a tarot card game. Interpreting a map is not easy, it requires a lot of concentration. The main thing is to have knowledge and let your intuition work. To help you, follow this personal tarot reading guide.

Tarot principles

Before drawing the cards, it is necessary to understand how the tarot works and how to decrypt the symbols on each card. Usually mediums who already have this gift since birth are called. But since the internet exists, it has become possible to learn this for yourself. You just have to be well focused and ask yourself good questions. The principle is to use the cards also called the arcana trying to associate them with each other. These cards refer to characters of mythology each having their meaning.

Learn to read tarot

For learning you will need to get tarot cards that you can find in esoteric shops. The tarot includes 78 cards including 56 minor arcana and 22 major arcana. You must be able to recognize the divinatory meaning of each card by memorizing them. This requires a lot of training and time demands.

The major arcana are used for the interpretation of the future by representing the different stages of our life. As for the minor mysteries, they indicate your behavior and how to deal with various situations. Generally, the heart reflects the feelings; clover means money; the tile indicates the power and the spade represents the conquests and conflicts. To learn more, it is advisable to get a manual of personal tarot reading.

Learning to read tarot is within everyone's reach. You need a little time to familiarize yourself with the symbols and it will become easy for you to know your destiny. To have a glimpse of the future can help you in your personal development and also allow your entourage to improve. So, to your cards!

Tarology science

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